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September 4, 2014

Internet Marketing

When you think of Vegas, images of smoky casinos, glitzed-up showgirls and wild pool parties probably come to mind, not necessarily paid search. However, come October, Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas will actually be the home base for one of the biggest, most popular digital marketing conferences in the world, PubCon. Larry Kim and I will both be presenting at this year’s conference and we would love for you to join us!

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If the prospect of a “The Hangover”-style business trip with Larry Kim hasn’t won you over already, let me entice you with the lustrous PubCon line-up. The event kicks off on October 6 with the exclusive, Masters Group Training program, where participants can focus on one of three tracks (SEO, Social Media Marketing or Google and Facebook Advertising) and get to do in-depth, personalized training with industry experts.

The full-blown, official conference launches the next day and offers an agenda packed with star-studded keynote speeches (from the likes of Duane Forrester and Ted Murphy), educational sessions led by industry thought leaders, peer-to-peer discussion labs, an emerging technology exhibit AND the presentation of the second annual U.S. Search Awards. This rigorous schedule will be accompanied by a myriad of networking events and PubCon-hosted parties for attendees. This will truly be an invaluable experience for anyone in the search/social space.

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Save 20% on Your Tickets with Our Discount Code

If you’re interested in joining us for PubCon this year, you’ll want to buy your tickets sooner than later, before the most popular events start to sell out. The packages, which you can check out here, are reasonable for a conference of this size and we’ll sweeten the deal for WordStream blog readers by offering you all a 20% discount on tickets! Just use this coupon code when you register: rc-3899020, which is valid through September 30.

Larry and I would love to meet those of you who plan to come! We have some kickass material lined up for our speaking sessions (outlined below) and would be thrilled to have some WordStream fans in the audience. Shoot us a tweet @wordstream if you plan on attending!

Hacking AdWords: Inside Tips and Tricks with Larry Kim and Michael Griffin (Tuesday, 10/7 at 1:15 PM PST): A detailed overview of how the AdWords auction really works, including an overview of recent unannounced changes. How Quality Score is calculated (as in the exact formula), how it has changed recently, and what this means for advertisers. We’ll cover what constitutes a good Quality Score and little-known tricks for achieving one, why a pursuing a low CTR strategy is a waste of time, and explore tricks and new features for dealing with keywords with stubbornly low CTRs. 

Remarketing and Retargeting with Sean Dolan, Tim Mayer, and Erin Sagin (Wednesday, 10/8 at 3:55 PM PST): This session will leverage real performance data based on hundreds of millions in ad spend to inform powerful retargeting strategies that turn conventional best practice around remarketing on its head, starting with the “don’t be creepy” mantra which seems to be a fixture of every remarketing session. I’ll teach you how you should really be setting your impression caps and membership durations, provide actionable steps to help you score lower CPCs, and show you exactly what you need to do to maximize your impression share.

Hope to see you all at Treasure Island next month!

Pubcon Las Vegas 2014

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