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February 7, 2013

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Want to take your current ClickBank earnings and double them? With just a few simple tweaks to your campaigns and strategy, you can. Here are some of the top tips for taking an average ClickBank campaign and turning it into a goldmine.

Experiment with Building a List

Say you got a site to rank for a highly trafficked keyword. Your site is now making you $500 a month in ClickBank commissions.

Instead of sending traffic directly to ClickBank, try getting them on an email list instead.

That way, you’ll be able to repeatedly sell to them on the affiliate program, as well as other related programs. You’ll also be able to sell higher ticket items that you wouldn’t be able to convert on a one-time visit.

If you apply the list-building strategy well, you could very well double your income from the same amount of traffic.

Use Tracking IDs Liberally

Use Tracking IDs (TIDs) to track the exact source of your traffic.

For example, if someone came from your SEO site, on page 2, you might use a TID like SEOP2.

If they came from a PPC campaign, campaign #1 adgroup #7, you might use a TID like C1AG7.

The goal is to be able to identify exactly what’s working and what’s not. TIDs can help you do that.

Try Multiple Offers in the Same Market

Most of the “hot” markets on ClickBank have a number of different products. The Forex market has a dozen high gravity products, for example. So does the “dating tips for men” market.

The “get your ex back” market didn’t exist, yet the moment one product succeeded, a dozen similar products suddenly sprang into the market.

In general, if an offer is successful, there are going to be similar offers. You’ll never know which converts best unless you split test the traffic. The difference can be as much as 30% or more!

Create Your Own Product if Successful

If you can create a stream of traffic that converts well to someone else’s product, why not just take that campaign and apply it to your own product?

For example, if you’re making $1,000 a month on commissions from $1,250 on revenues, you can almost immediately boost your profits by 25% just by hiring a freelancer to create a similar product and sales letter.

That might cost you $250 to $500 up front, but in the months to come you’ll make that up and more. Furthermore, you can now find affiliates of your own for the product instead of just being an affiliate for someone else’s product.

Being a successful affiliate is hard work, but it’s definitely within reach. If you’re already making money from ClickBank, it’s just a matter of refining your strategy to improve your earnings.

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